Choco Milk - Milk Modifier

ChocoMilk® – Milk Modifier

Choco Milk®, a leading nutritional milk supplement, has become one of the best-loved milk modifiers for kids in Mexico and continues to grow in popularity in the United States. Parents love it for its vitamin-rich offering, while kids love it for its creamy, chocolaty taste.

Choco Milk - by Mead Johnson
Choco Milk - by Mead Johnson


Launched in 1928 as the first milk modifier in Mexico, Choco Milk has evolved into one of the most popular fortified drinks in that country. In 2000, the product went through a series of reformulations, including an enhanced formulation to meet the changing nutritional demands of children.


In 2000, Choco Milk was reformulated from 17 to 20 vitamins, increasing the amount of nutrients in each serving. Today, the leading nutritional milk supplement contains a unique formula with 23 vitamins and minerals and is available in five delicious flavors kids love. Manufactured by Mead Johnson Nutrition Mexico.